Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rated Best by Baby

I have found videos to be a convenient way to let my son learn something while I tidy a few things up. I make sure we're in the same room so I can still interact with him. Sometimes I put on one video here and there or all in a set; sometimes I mix it up from one day to the next.

I feel a small amount television watching is fine, as long as you don't plant your kid in front of it from sun up to sun down. I prefer to let my toddler view certain things for the time being; I am sure that will change down the road. Regardless, no matter what a child (or anyone for that matter) watches, anything good can turn into a bad thing if there is too much of it.

Just so you know, I do interact with my son in other ways. We read books, build with blocks, you name it. The tv or computer is just one of our many learning or entertainment tools. Ok, maybe I'm feeling a little guilty for using videos to buy free time.

A few words on Baby Einstein, my toddler seems to be hypnotized by it. I don't think there are any subliminal satanic messages going on there, but I do think it would be extremely easy to overuse these videos because Baby Einstein is like "crack for babies".

Here are a few good quality videos I found on YouTube for my toddler. You could definitely come up with some of your own by searching other favorites.
As you will find (if you don't already know), some vidoes are better quality than others.

Don't know what the fascination is with this first video; it's only 47 seconds long, but the boy just cracks up when it comes on. This video has literally turned a frown upside down.

Pocoyo is a cute toddler who has a lot to learn. There are tons of Pocoyo videos on YouTube, some are in Spanish which can be fun to break things up every now and then.

Baby Galileo is about stars and the sky and stuff. These two videos are very sleepy, and relaxing. Trust me.

And, finally, three videos featuring Old Macdonald. Out of all the videos here I prefer these three because there are many "real life" pictures of apples, carrots, pigs, chickens and various farm related things. It's fun to find things in everyday life that are seen on these videos. And, yeah, the puppets are kind of cute, too.

All right, so there you go!

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