Friday, May 1, 2009

Brain Fog?

Having trouble staying focused? Is your memory not what it should be?

I realize there are so many good herbal supplements out there, but I will not go overboard by talking about every pill out there. At one time, I literally had what looked like a small tacklebox with sections for all my "pills". It was ridiculous, to say the least. I took a multi vitamin, calcium, joint support, appetite suppressant, carb blocker, fat blocker, memory pills, and the list goes on and on. And to think I don't even like taking pills!

Before we begin the discussion, I feel the need to tell you that I am not a doctor, and I am in no way trying to diagnose, yada yada yada. Ok? So if something goes wrong, it's on you.

In all my experimentation, I have found a few supplements I cannot live without. One, is my multivitamin. I don't really have a preference on the brand or pill itself, but I do prefer the prenatal vitamins, just because they have more things I need. If I really had to choose (and money was no option), I would find a prenatal that was a liquid gel for better absorption. I should be taking a calcium supplement, but I really don't like taking a lot of pills. I stick to calcium fortified OJ, and other dairy products like cheese. I will not go into the ugly details on why I don't/can't drink milk. Yes, I know there are alternatives to milk, but they just spoil because I can't drink them fast enough. So, I guess I will just resort to my body leeching the calcium it needs from my bones. Sigh...

Irwin Naturals Ginkgo Smart® Maximum Focus and Memory
-- Comes with 90 liquid gel capsules. The label says to take two a day.

This is what the website says about memory:
The decline of memory and other cognitive functions are a major concern for people of all ages. Ginkgo Smart® Maximum Memory and Focus is a robust formula that combines nutrients which may have a positive affect on memory and brain health.

Product description:
Nine Powerful Brain Boosters for Memory & Mental Clarity
Ginkgo Smart® Maximum Memory and Focus is a serious formula to help you keep your mental edge. It provides brain-boosting nutrients to help keep your memory keen and your mind sharp.

What can you expect from using this product? Enhanced Memory, mental clarity, concentration and focus.

I suspect each of us possesses some form of mild attention deficit, some worse than others. Whatever "name" you give it, we could all use help in the concentration and memory department.

I encourage you to find a product that works for you. However, I will continue to use this product because I was able to focus better and my memory became comparable to a walking encyclopedia. Even my boss noticed and I received a pay raise as a result. Perhaps, I should start taking this product again before I forget.

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