Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surveys for money

In my free time, I get paid to take surveys and test new products. Periodically, I receive emails from a few sites and I check them out when I have free time. Funny thing is, I used to have more time to do this sort of thing when I worked outside the home. Apparently, I didn't have enough to do at my job :).

Just today, I found out I am going to be trying out two new products. The awesome thing about doing this is, I get free product, plus, upon completion of the offer, I am paid for my time! I can't remember what the compensation this time is.

There's always a quick screening type of questionaire after which I find out if I meet the qualifications. In other words, everyone is not eligible to take all surveys.

At American Consumer Opinion, I got to try a new (not on the market yet) body wash. It was fun, plus I received a full size body wash and a check for $10.00! This is one of my favorite sites as they have a decent, regular payout. For example, they pay anywhere from $2.00 up to $10.00 per survey.

At Global Opinion Panels,you can redeem points for prizes. The minimum points needed for redemption is 5000, which is equivalent to $5.00. 10000 points is equal to $10.00 and so on. Currently, I am up to 6990. This may not sound so great, but free money is still good money.

Finally, Your 2 Cents sends a check when your account reaches $10.00. You have to request it, though. I have requested $24.00 so far and I have $7.00 in my "account".

Even though there isn't a ton of money in doing surveys, it's fun and worthwhile. I have checked into others and they are either scams or not so great. So, check these out and have fun!